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Reviewed by Rinkamoshi 10

I'm not that much of a pokemon fan but i watched this movie and i really liked how its a kids movie but it explores some adult themes

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Reviewed by JakeBrinkman 5

Mixed feelings on the first Pokemon movie remake. It sticks true to the original, which is great. They make some minor changes, most of which I really appreciated. The lengthier intro helped set up the story much better. I was thankful for the minor detail corrections like saying the correct names and replacing the Golem. However, some of the changes I absolutely hated. I know the original had plenty of clues as to who the most powerful Pokemon trainer was, but as a kid, I was still flabbergasted by the reveal. Giving the reveal away in the opening credits was a terrible decision. Also, Jessie and James were so sing-song and talking over each other that I couldn&#39;t understand them half the time.<br/><br/>I have mixed feelings on the animation, too. On one hand, it&#39;s definitely an improvement over the original animation. On the other hand, it&#39;s a brand new movie that already feels dated because the animation is really stiff. Facial expressions don&#39;t have as much emotion as they should, and I feel like the battles could have been way cooler. I wish they had skipped the 3D and made a high quality anime instead, like Pokemon Generations, or that they went all-in with the 3D budget.

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Reviewed by GavinT360 6

It&#39;s basically a word for word, and shot for shot remake of the 20 Year Old movie, but the difference is that the animation is very astounding.<br/><br/>While I think this movie was executed fairly well, that thought doesn&#39;t help me clear the cloud of nitpicks I had with this movie. For the majority of movie I was unable to focus on the story because of the bizarre choice to make every single shot linger for seconds too long. I felt like no editing was done between angle transitions, because it felt like so much of a buffer would happen before the next sentence was said. Otherwise, the animation was near flawless (except for the bizarre Onix at the beginning) and I enjoyed watching a great movie from my childhood remastered. I felt the same charm and emotion as I had watching the original film for the first time, and I&#39;d still widely recommend this film to any Pokemon fans!<br/><br/>This was a very random movie to see pop up onto Netflix, but it gives me hope that other projects can be made with the partnership of Netflix and Pokemon.

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