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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kcrew98 4

Imagine if Limitless and Universal Soldier made love to Marvel. Then imagine it&#39;s terribly (emphasis terrible) fascinating offspring: a recycled sci-fi, action crime buster starring Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known as Batman&#39;s Robin.<br/><br/>Expectations were high. A hollow plot overshadows the glimpses of visual entertainment, the grit of New Orleans, or the punctuated stream of poetic beats. Then there&#39;s a guy that turns into fire which is kind of cool, right? The best parts could be summarized into a 20 minute feature.<br/><br/>Thumbs down, unless you&#39;re on the prowl for a late night sci-fi flix to pass out on.

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Reviewed by aasimazam 1

I should have trusted the other reviews and not wasted 2 hours on this cliched, generic, bland and cringe movie.<br/><br/>I was waiting for a twist, an interesting reveal or just something different - but nothing came.<br/><br/>The characters are all boring, have zero chemistry and anything resembling a relationship is forced and unbelievable.<br/><br/>Netflix need to take a page from their TV Shows. So far all their movies have been terrible.

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Reviewed by kjg008 7

Nothing really stands out here. Average story, average performance by actors, weak world building, average action scenes.Just average film.

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