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Radha (2017):<br/><br/>After Nani,Sharwanand became one of the most bankable stars in Tollywood.With consecutive successes Sharwanand is in full form and his recent film Radha had hit the screens today.Unlike his previous films,Radha did&#39;t create any buzz because of its uninteresting trailer and songs.So how is the movie?<br/><br/>Plot:<br/><br/>Radha Krishna(Sharwa) is a fun-loving cop who goes to any extent to serve the department. One fine day, he is transferred to Hyderabad and gets into a tussle with a would-be chief minister Sujatha(Ravi Kissan). Upon investigation, he finds out that Sujatha is a dreaded criminal who is trying to somehow bag the top post in the state. Rest of the story is as to how a small time cop like Radha manages to dethrone a powerful politician like Sujatha and stops him from taking the ultimate power.<br/><br/>Plus Points:<br/><br/>1)Sharwanand: Radha is undoubtedly Sharwa&#39;s show all the way.For the first time, Sharwanand has done the role of police officer. Surprisingly, he fits well in that role though he has played the character with mischief. Sharwanand has made the routine story entertaining for most parts.Sharwa&#39;s comedy timing, his romantic angle and serious avatar, everything has been showcased in a perfect manner.<br/><br/>2)Comedy: Of all the comedy through out the movie,we can easily pick some genuinely funny moments only at few parts.But still,Shakalaka Shankar,Sapthagiri are good with comedy in this film.<br/><br/>Minus Points:<br/><br/>1)Story and Screenplay: The story of the film is quite old and has nothing to offer. As said earlier, it is just to showcase the hero in a mass angle. The second half and villain&#39;s track has traces of Race Gurram.Especially the casting of Ravi Kishan in the role of Villain gave a lot of traces of Race gurram.The director has taken logic to the backseat and has repeated the same scenes of old cop stories - heroine being stopped by his colleagues at a traffic, hero being present at villain&#39;s home and making him a bafoon, a comic character introduced to irritate villain, etc.<br/><br/>2)Music: Radhan&#39;s music sounds routine with the visuals and his background score is inspired from lot of films.<br/><br/>The only fresh thing in the movie is that hero never fights in the movie except some shootings before Interval.It completely justifies his role of Krishna as Krishna prepares a fight but never fights.<br/><br/>So,Radha has entertaining performance from Sharwanand and few comedy scenes but outdated plot and screenplay disappoints a lot.Not the film we expect from Sharwanand.<br/><br/>My rating 5.25/10

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