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Reviewed by sid-coolking 6

A one time watch and a disappointing fare for fans of part 1 because of the predictability and half baked acting by south star surya alongside Rgvs Direction is average but still fine to see it as a timepass.

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Reviewed by ashdoc53 6

How do you feel if a host invites you again after giving you a sumptuous meal ?.......and lo !! , surprises you with a feast that is more lavish than the first....<br/><br/>Well ,thats how you feel after watching Rakhtacharitra part 2.....<br/><br/>Except ,the word feast should be replaced by Ram Gopal Verma&#39;s hallmark , violence and gore.....and more violence and gore.<br/><br/>One would have thought that the first edition of the movie could not be surpassed in bloodletting , but in the second edition our host serves it in dollops.<br/><br/>But the dollops are more digestible in the second part than the first ,for unlike the first part , where the villain Nagamani Reddy indulges in pointless barbarism , this time the violence has a meaning , a purpose.<br/><br/>The purpose is revenge , what else.......a purpose that is as old as the hills that stand in the countryside......and as an arbiter of violence , will probably outlive them......in fact ,will last as long as humanity does , which I hope will be a pretty long time ( unless we all go down in nuclear armaggeddon ).<br/><br/>And who wants revenge ??.....The son of the man ( Veerbhadra Reddy )the hero ( Pratap Ravi played by Vivek Oberoi ) killed in the last film......<br/><br/>His name is Surya ,and he is after Pratap&#39;s blood......<br/><br/>By this time Pratap , the rebel-with-a-cause in the last film has turned into a semi-villain , as the arrogance of power and the need to hang on to that power makes him sanction the murder of innocents .<br/><br/>Many of the shots are taken in slow-motion , and help to accentuate the violence.......especially the expressions on the actors faces in slow motion as they indulge in bloodlust leave a lasting impression .<br/><br/>Ram Gopal verma tries to convey the same message as that of mahabharat , namely that war is futile , and if seeing scene after scene of murder and a pile of dead bodies doesn&#39;t convince you of that message , nothing else will !!

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Reviewed by Chrysanthepop 7

After &#39;Rakhta Charitra&#39;, Ram Gopal Verma attempted to follow it up with this sequel. Now &#39;Rakhta Charitra&#39; certainly isn&#39;t among the director&#39;s best but it had modest execution, strong performances, the characters were interesting and it was a decent watch overall. In contrast, &#39;Rakhta Charitra 2&#39; is quite a disaster.The violence here is less graphic than its predecessor but the film is quite poor. Now, as evident from his more recent films. Verma seems to enjoy playing around with the camera but what&#39;s with the upside-down or rotation shots? Another thing he really overdoes here is the slow motion which really dragged on and on, Perhaps Verma felt pressured to make it longer. The story itself isn&#39;t particularly interesting (it&#39;s more the typical revenge thriller genre) and the characters are one-dimensional. Vivek Oberoi once again breathes fire with an excellent performance as Paritala Ravi. Surya is alright. Radhika Apte has a smaller role than in the first one but here she gets more scope to perform. The rest of the cast that includes Shatrughan Sinha and Zarina Wahab are wasted.<br/><br/>Overall this is a poor movie that does not live up to expectations and is not even half as entertaining as its predecessors.

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