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Reviewed by Aryia 8

I don&#39;t understand how this film can be rated 5.something just like for instance the other telugu masala film Naayak which was really bad. <br/><br/>I enjoyed Ramayya Vasthavayya and I&#39;m not even fond of this type of entertainer. I liked the story - nothing new but well developed, some really nice scenes. There were some funny moments without the annoying unsubtle type of humour you often have in these movies. Acting was good - good performances by Samantha and Shruti Hasaan and a really good one by NTR. Musical numbers were *very* good - great music, I actually really enjoy all the songs that are varied and highly catchy, and the choreographies of course show all the talent NTR has for dancing. <br/><br/>It&#39;s entertaining without being dumb. A good masala film.

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Reviewed by smuhar 3

The first half is a complete remake of Punjabi movie &quot;Tera Mera Ki Rishta&quot; released in 2009 with Amrik Gill as the writer. They have made some changes to the second half. Overall the movie was too predictable, acting was OK, only the song with Prabhudeva had a good dance steps, the rest were just OK. Cinematography was good. Both Naseer and Zakir Hussain were wasted, they are such good actors but were miscast. Girish&#39;s role was done by Jimmy Sheirgill, Shruti Hassan&#39;s by Kulraj Randhawa, Randhir Kapoor&#39;s by Anupam Kher, Poonam Dhillon&#39;s by Archana Puran Singh, Sonu Sood&#39;s by Raj Babbar (who played the girl&#39;s father instead of brother) in the original Punjabi movie It would have been better if they had acknowledged that this is inspired from the Punjabi movie &quot;Tera Mera Ki Rishta&quot;

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Reviewed by Pavan_Daggupati 6

Ntr is one of the few talented actors in Telugu. <br/><br/>Whenever a promising director decides to do a movie with him, they restrict themselves to a formula.<br/><br/>1st half was entertaining and the interval block promised a lot. <br/><br/>Unfortunately the later half turned out be a clichéd revenge drama.<br/><br/>Harish tried hard to elevate the movie but it became dull due to predictable and violence filled scenes and it continued till the end.<br/><br/>Ntr&#39;s performance was good. Songs were OK but the background score was loud and repetitive.<br/><br/>Overall, it failed to live up to the expectations<br/><br/>Watch it if u r so desperate for a mass movie

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