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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 7

I honestly have no clue why people would think this is a horrible movie. I wanted to watch an entertaining sci-fi movie and that's exactly what I got. No super high tech features but a story that makes complete sense and that is futuristic but not that utopic. What would we all do if we lost loved ones and we had the capabilities to bring them back? It's an interesting story, easy to follow and to understand, keeping you interested until the end. Some reviewers wrote the acting was terrible but I can't agree with that at all. It might not be Oscar winning acting but it was for sure better than the average.

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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7

In Puerto Rico, the scientist Will Foster (Keanu Reeves) is researching the transference of the brain memories of soldiers to a synthetic body in the laboratory where he works with his partner and friend Ed (Thomas Middleditch). The experiment does not work and the body is rejected by the donors, and the manager Jones (John Ortiz) is pressing Will telling that the government will shut down the experiment. While traveling with his family to Ed′s boat in a stormy night, Will has a car accident on the road and his beloved wife Mona (Alice Eve) and their three children die. Will calls Ed and convinces him to develop clones of his family members to transfer their memories. They have only four pods and the youngest daughter is sacrificed. Now Will needs to make his experiment work since he will not have a second chance.<br/><br/>&quot;Replicas&quot; is a flawed but highly entertaining sci-fi thriller. The screenplay has flaws but the film is worthwhile watching, with the always good Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve. If the viewer watches &quot;Replicas&quot; with few expectations he or she may enjoy this film. My vote is seven.<br/><br/>Title (Brazil): Not Available

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Reviewed by theromanempire-1 6

Unfortunately in last years I read a lot of hatred reviews that have no relation to the actual quality of the movies from people who are just sad haters and try to influence people not to watch a certain movie with no particular reason.Replicas is one of those examples.if u read the reviews u will go to watch the movie having in mind that u might leave the theater in first like 30 minutes or so.thank god the movie was ok. in fact it was very good in first half and then it had flaws it was not great but it was entertaining enough to keep you interested until the end.sure this is not one of the best of this genre but to give this movie 1 star or an F grade is at least an atrocious and disrespectful thing to do.if u like action // fantasy films like the 6th day then this movie is on the same par.I give it a grade between C+ and B- and I will add it to my dvd collection.give it a try. it&#39;s worth at least one look.

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