Room in Rome


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Reviewed by CineMuseFilms 8

This is a film with a beautifully simple narrative arc, all focused on one night and one space. An experienced lesbian seduces a novice...they spend a night in a room in Rome where their naked physicality merges with Renaissance art in a small world that is transformed through loving a stranger....all the makings of another homo-erotic love tale with high-brow artistic flourishes and a haunting musical score to carry the story to the high watermark. But this film genuinely cuts new ground: it is full of surprises, twists, and exquisitely painful turns. The acting is playful, vibrant, and the interactions erotically natural, giving the film a power not found in the genre factories. Definitely on my short list of all-time favourite films.

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Reviewed by Godof1967 7

As I said in my title I am a gay guy and thought this movie was just beautiful ! So for all the people who said it was only for lesbians and straight guys - it&#39;s not. It goes back to the old adage that love is love no matter what.<br/><br/>It has a lovely atmosphere and being mainly filmed in a hotel room gave it a surrealism and a closeness and an intimacy. Constantly shadowy and the use of autumnal hues added to that.<br/><br/>The sex is warm and intimate and is perfectly in context and not over the top or voyeuristic.<br/><br/>So sit back and lose yourself in two women&#39;s discovery of their sensuality and getting to know more and more about one another till you develop an empathy for them.<br/><br/>Well written and beautifully acted, 7 out of 10<br/><br/>I Enjoyed this film immensely.

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Reviewed by lemonzest 1

If by it you&#39;re talking about taking two quite attractive females putting them in a beautiful European hotel room, and showing them rubbing up against each other naked while somehow boring the everloving crap out of the audience then yes this is how you do it.<br/><br/>Two girls get drunk and meet at a club and end up in a hotel room together. One is Russian, the other from Spain. Spain is lesbian while Russian is bi-shy. A series of completely unbelievable and confusing behaviors and conversations happen. Clothes go back on, then come back off. <br/><br/>Despite an utter lack of sexual chemistry, they are seen to engage in nude grindings that resemble nothing of real life lovemaking and instead look like the stuff of highly doctored soft core. <br/><br/>It actually upsets me how the inability to create characters and a clear story can turn a premise with lots of sexy possibility into this pile of unsteamy, stupid looking, stupid sounding fake lesbo dung.

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