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Reviewed by lovebirds-91780 1

For those hoping to watch a fun origin story of scooby doo or maybe a fun giant epic mystery adventure film, unfortunately this film misses that mark. What you should expect to see is another average CGI animated cliche and extremely bland and predictable super hero film. This film tried to accomplish too much during its runtime, that is ends up accomplishing nothing!

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Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 3

This movie dies after the first 15 minutes. It starts and it&#39;s super cute and actually resembles Scooby-Doo. But then it just goes off the rails. It has stupid cameos, pop culture nonsense like dabbing?? It was so basic. The plot was just nonsense and boring.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t love the animation style they look like they are made from each plastic and the voice acting is kinda off putting because for the most part non of the characters sound like any incarnation of them from the past which is strange as some of the old cast members spoke about wanting to return and were disappointed not to be asked.<br/><br/>My other complaint is there want really a main monster to fight against it seemed to randomly pop up in the end. It just didn&#39;t seem like Scooby-Doo

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Reviewed by paperwhale-67568 1

This film is subpar at best. Not very entertaining unless you are 5 and under. The character cameos are from super old cartoons. The Scooby doo plot theme is missing here. This film is such a MESS! Skip it! Wait for redbox or just watch an old scoobydoo movie on TV!

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