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Reviewed by filthydeeds 6/10

As a child I loved watching this movie and regarded it as one of myfavourites, though recently I watched it again it was actually adelight to watch, the jokes are quite varied and usually funny, theslapstick style of humour can get a bit dry at times as David Arquetteskeeps running into mishaps.<br><br>The storyline it self is relatively boring and generic though this doesnot mean it cant be an enjoyable experience, the humour (especially fora kids movie) is spot on (get it? spot on?... anyway) and surprisinglythe acting is not the worst, in my honest opinion it is underratedsometimes due to it&#x27;s relatively not well known cast.<br><br>Definitely a movie I would recommend.

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Reviewed by Amy Adler 7/10

Gordon (a blonde David Arquette) is a mailman who often runs intotrouble with the canines on his route, one especially so. As a joke,fellow carriers place a spotted stuff dog in his locker, making himjump. Very funny, says Gordon. But, the stuffed puppy comes in handy,for Gordon gives it to the son, James (Angus T. Jones) of a lady,Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) he has been courting. They all live in the sameapartment building. Meanwhile, a talented police dog, Spot, has taken abite out of a local mobster (Paul Sorvino), in the process of hiscapture. This goon vows to &#x22;get&#x22; the boxer cop so the feds decide tosend the canine to a safe place in Alaska. However, the mob has one oftheir own planted as the escort and she arranges a different route tothe mob headquarters. Spot, very bright, sees a way to escape and doesso. He ends up jumping into the back of Gordon&#x27;s mail car, where Jamesis also riding, due to an emergency babysitting need of Stephanie&#x27;s.Although initially petrified of Spot, Gordon grows to love him andJames, too. But, naturally, the mob is still searching for the dog andthe trail is not hard to follow. Will Gordon, James, and Spot be incaptured by the bumbling mob henchmen? This an entertaining flick inmany ways, despite humor that is more of the low-brow, slapstickvariety. The cast is fine, the action rarely slows and, of course, thecanine is adorable and expressive. Angus T. Jones, who went on to fameas the child in Two and a Half Men is very young and cute here whileArquette generates big laughs. Ditto the gentleman who plays Spot&#x27;spartner in policework. The California setting, the costumes, the camerawork, and the lively script/direction add up to fun. However, there area few possibly objectionable moments. The mobster is bitten in theprivate parts area, which some will find sleazy. Also, a dog&#x27;s shockcollar ends up on Gordon and the remote in James&#x27; hands, with theresulting electrocution played for laughs but of which parents may findrather unfunny. There are one or two other such moments that could havebeen eliminated or changed. But, all in all, this movie will result insome big smiles for its viewers. Therefore, do See Spot and share itwith others.

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Reviewed by Meaghan Edwards 6/10

I must admit it has been a number of years since I had last seen SeeSpot Run, but I gotta say, it did make me laugh more than I thought itwould.<br><br>Sure, the movie&#x27;s storyline may be cheesy, but it wasn&#x27;t intended to bea deep, thought-provoking movie. It was a movie aimed at kids whilealso to be entertaining to their parents as well. With the hard-hittingissues that the world is facing, I think we could all agree that thereis a need for more laughter. Without giving it away, the pet shop scenewas especially funny.<br><br>Although I thought the casting was good, the dog truly steals the show!

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