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Reviewed by theprincessrose 2

It's so sad to watch a movie about women so desperate for men that they disrespect themselves and others. We need movies about women's independence and empowerment, not desperation. This movie was a horrible disappointment.

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Reviewed by meyerstiffany-07447 10

Love the concept, the black girl magic, and the amazing friendship portrayed. And the ending was PERFECT! Acting was very good. Overall, Very great film!!!

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Reviewed by rachelbernard-24891 10

I found this film modern and refreshing. Both of the main female actresses were brilliant and had great chemistry together and individually their acting was on point. I found them funny, relatable and easy to watch and the rest off the cast were also great actors. Would like to see more films with the lead actors in it. I also like the Bar manager and found him very natural and believable. Yes it was a typical rom com but I like rom coms and it had a lot of funny scenes, and was refreshing to see a film based in Africa rather than America. Great work to all involved.

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