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Reviewed by trevorwomble 8/10

I considered Aardmans last stop motion effort &#x27;Pirates - in anadventures with scientists&#x27; to be a bit of a let down when it wasreleased three years ago and wondered if they had gone off the boil alittle bit by trying to appeal to the mass market and thus dilutingtheir witty humour as a result. However after 80 odd minutes of Shaunthe Sheep I am happy to report that they are back on track.<br><br>Shaun is extremely well animated and manages to keep the story tickingalong and funny enough to keep your interest without really feelingstretched. Considering as the film has no real dialogue to speak ofthat is no mean feat, and is reliant on top notch production design,expressive animation and a script that is entertaining and funnywithout being overly ridiculous. Whilst the Shaun the Sheep/Timmy TimeTV shorts are aimed at young viewers, there is a decent amount ofunderlying humour here that adults will also engage with and thus itdoesn&#x27;t insult your intelligence the way some films do.<br><br>After Aardmans infamous falling out with DreamWorks (who wanted them toAmericanize Wallace &#x26; Gromit) I did wonder if Aardman had sold out forthe mass market after feeling the Sony Pictures distributed Pirates hada whiff of compromise to it, and that&#x27;s partly why I felt Pirates fella bit flat. However Aardman have teamed up with an independent Europeandistributor for Shaun and as a result it seems they were allowed tomake the film they wanted to make this time round. In effect I was notdisappointed with Shaun, the simple but hilarious premise of the TVshow is expanded successfully to the big screen with no noticeablecompromises for the mass market. That the film is also dialogue freeshould make it an easy sell abroad too and I&#x27;m glad to see the film hasbeen well received.<br><br>So well done to Aardman for making one of 2015&#x27;s most enjoyable,entertaining and amusing films so far.

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Reviewed by shawneofthedead 7/10

The very notion of Shaun The Sheep Movie sounds faintly ridiculous, asif the universe were playing a joke on movie-going audiences around theworld. A hyper-intelligent sheep embarking on an epic adventure to savethe farmer who shears off his wool every year? What utter claptrap. Thefilm has next to no lines of intelligible dialogue and is based on along-running TV show for kids? How ludicrous. Is anyone above the ageof three actually expected to want to watch this film? And yet, there&#x27;splenty to recommend this charming, full-hearted gem from AardmanAnimation - a studio so passionate and dedicated to its craft andcharacters that it literally animates entire worlds in exhaustinglytiny increments.<br><br>Everyone in Mossy Bottom Farm, including our titular hero (given&#x27;voice&#x27; by Justin Fletcher), has settled into a dreary routine. Oneday, Shaun decides to shake things up a little. So he distractssheepdog Bitzer and traps the Farmer (both voiced by John Sparkes) in acaravan, all in aid of allowing his entire flock to take a day off fromtheir boring lives. But Shaun didn&#x27;t account for a steep hill, arunaway caravan and a bout of amnesia. Soon, he and his buddies - withthe help of Bitzer and stray pooch Slip (Tim Hands) - must hunt for theFarmer in the Big City, even as they try to keep out of the clutches ofTrumper (Omid Djalili), a fearsome agent tasked with Animal Control.<br><br>It&#x27;s easy to gripe about Shaun The Sheep&#x27;s simple plot: this is hardlya complex film. Indeed, it lingers obstinately in the realm ofentertainment for kids, even packing in the requisite learning pointsabout friendship and not taking things for granted. The film cansometimes feel simplistic too, given its persistent lack of dialogueand its cheerfully frequent descent into slapstick comedy. There&#x27;s verylittle of the cheeky satire here that makes Aardman&#x27;s Wallace &#x26; Gromitfranchise such a blast.<br><br>But Shaun The Sheep Movie is delightful in so many ways that it&#x27;s justeasier for everyone above a certain age to give in to their innerchild. The characters may be fashioned out of clay and wood andpainstakingly animated at an extremely slow speed, but the film itselfpositively crackles with energy. The narrative pokes fun at theconcepts of fashion, incarceration and going viral, even as it bouncesmerrily through a host of hilarious gags. The soporific effect of sheepleaping over fences is mined for plenty of laughs, while the camerachecks in with a particularly crazed inmate of Animal Control and anutterly charming Baa-bershop Quintet. <br><br>Quite a bit of thought has evidently been devoted to the development ofthe film&#x27;s main characters - certainly more than you&#x27;d get in someHollywood blockbusters. Shaun is a sweetly determined hero, refusing toleave any sheep - or human, or dog - behind, even as he cleans up amess that is (strictly speaking) of his own making. The Farmer, too,gets a storyline that spices the comedy up with a hint of drama, as hestumbles into a new career through his forgotten but deeply-ingrainedskill with shearing sheep. The lack of dialogue in the film also provesto be, quite frequently, a plus. Not only does it push the story ininventive directions, it allows the incredibly expressive characters totake centre stage - their hopes, dreams and fears communicated withbarely a word spoken.<br><br>This all makes for a thoroughly charming experience at the cinema -Shaun The Sheep Movie isn&#x27;t likely to make you dig deep or ponder longand hard about life, but it will almost certainly entertain you inbreathtaking (and breathless!) fashion. In almost every aspect - fromthe deft character design to its incredibly catchy soundtrack, the filmradiates a sweet, optimistic charm that will win over just abouteverybody who gives it a chance.

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Reviewed by failio-504-682440 8/10

For a while, I&#x27;ve held a belief that Aardman can do no wrong, andthankfully this latest example has kept up that belief and then some.It&#x27;s actually rather difficult to write a review of this movie, becausethere&#x27;s not a whole lot one can actually comment on. For instance, Ican&#x27;t say anything about voice acting, or script, because there isliterally no dialogue. I mean, there are voice actors (for example OmidDjalili as Tramper the villain) but all they do is mumble (and in thecase of the sheep actors, bleat) and stuff. I suppose this, then,serves as a testament to the sheer quality of Aardman&#x27;s animation. Inaddition to it being fantastic that claymation can still find its wayonto the screen today, it&#x27;s also brilliant that such a film has foundsuch capable animators; the animation is beautiful, and though you maythink they may not be able to convey so much emotion with just facialexpressions and mumbles, lo and behold, they do; from glee, to terror,to sadness, to panic, and many more, the characters they&#x27;ve created areabsolutely brimming with emotion, and immensely watchable at the sametime, and that just makes this movie all the more effective. Lack of aproper script also doesn&#x27;t seem to trouble Aardman either; this movieis really goddamn funny. The physical comedy sequences, the highlightof which has to be the gleefully chaotic scene in a restaurant, aredone to a tee, quite possibly the best Aardman has done them sinceFlushed Away, while Aardman&#x27;s trademark sight gags, though not quite asstrong as they were in previous offering The Pirates! (the BrianBlessed gag comes to mind), are ever-present and really quite amusing,however obvious or subtle they may be (for instance, &#x22;The Big City -twinned with Le Grande Ville, La Ciudad Grande&#x22;). My main gripe wasthat towards the end, which I won&#x27;t spoil, things do get a bit toocheesy for my tastes, but the rest of the movie, and indeed most of theclimactic sequences, more than make up for that. Shaun The Sheep: TheMovie only serves to reinforce why I am such a huge fan of the Bristollads to begin with, and while it is nowhere near as good as their firsttwo features, it is definitely a worthy addition to their finerepertoire of work. If you&#x27;re looking for some great entertainment onan afternoon, you could do a lot worse than this.

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