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Reviewed by vshanoj 1

Watching this movie makes your blood boil, especially when you see this from a KPs perspective. This movie doesn't portray the actual trauma and sufferings and how it unfolded.. Director and screenplay is very biased and a sensuous theme used for commercial gains only.

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Reviewed by mukslucky 1

I was waiting for this movie as the story of Kashmiri Pandits have been untold forever. It was expected that vidhu vinod chopra would bring some ground reality to table in a convincing way. But i was not only disappointed but heartbroken, movie is just another stupid love story with kashmir crisis as background. It tells nothing of the harsh reality and about the religious ideology and cross border terrorism which caused lakhs of kashmiri pandits to flee their home and still unable to return. This was not expected from Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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Reviewed by buntyaggarwal 1

This movie shows nothing what happened in Kashmir. Muslims killed thousands of kashmiri pandits in kashmir and exiled them from kashmir. Totally unreal movie far from facts and what happened that night . Bad direction totally waste of money.

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