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Reviewed by veritasbulldog 1

Bryon Widner was never under any real threat from skinhead groups, so why that is in there is beyond me. The Southern Poverty Law Center paid for Bryon's tattoo removal, which is amusing because they consider everything that isn't liberal to be hate and have been sued successfully for smearing the good name of people who don't hate anyone. Bryon Widner went from one class of clowns to another on the opposite end of the spectrum. This movie is just a lot of fake drama with a few facts thrown in. Garbage.

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Reviewed by amcl-45312 8

I have no idea why this is being compared to American history x . This is a true story about a real person coming to realize his choices have made him hate the Skin he lived in. Powerful performance by Jamie Bell he is amazing

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Reviewed by babybuletgani 6

When Bryon falls for mother of-three Julie (Patti Cake$ star Danielle Macdonald), however, he find the impetus for change, especially when she has no wish for her kids to be around the hatred spewed out by his socalled 'brothers'. While he has encouragement from an activist (Mike Colter) who looks to help him reform, Bryon's efforts inevitably cause tensions with Fred, Shareen and the others. Writer-director Guy Nattiv weaves in several sequences in which Bryon endures the agonising removal of his tattoos, symbolically shedding his former persona. It's hardly a spoiler to reveal that he does turn his back on his right-wing roots, but Skin is more about the painful journey he undertakes to get there. Bell and Macdonald make for an authentic grass-roots couple, although Nattiv never quite convinces us that their love is enough to motivate the change in Bryon. As a result, the script loses some momentum in the final third. But in the wake of Charlottesville, Skin is still a timely, provocative piece, flush with hope.

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