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Reviewed by sparsh-hardik 10

It's not a horror movie, but watching it late night would terrify you. It has a bit haunting element. The Indian cinema should feel proud that it has a genius film maker like Abhishek Chaubey. He greatly translate a message of Shyam Benegal's type stories with a Quentin Tarantino's type film making. Sonchiriya can confidently stand along another Chambal based 'Bandit Queen'.

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Reviewed by Jithindurden 9

A revisionist western set in the Chambal ravines exploring the psychology and tragedy of the caste based Dacoits. Abhishek Chaubey is really underrated. His vision on films can be clearly seen from the versatality in the films he has directed and how important each of them are. The Dacoits who calls themselves rebels, the blatant discrimination based on caste and gender, the psychological impact etc are shown and treated in ways that Bollywood rarely dares to do. The reality of the time is simply shown and that is horrific enough that there is no need to reiterate it with words or exposition.

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Reviewed by abhisheksharmaak 10

A movie that hits hard on almost every special evil residing in our societies. Casteism, Corruption, hatred, sexual harassment, fake pride and much more. Full of thrill, action, comedy, emotion and twists. Storytelling is amazing. And finally, gives a perfect definition of 'DHARM'.Such movies are made rarely.It maybe the last story on Chambal. So you must enjoy.

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