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Reviewed by Maneck K

After having watched &#x22;A Wednesday&#x22; by Neeraj Pandey innumerable times,I stepped into the cinema hall with high expectations from his latestmovie Special Chabbis. And Pandeyjee has managed to pull off anotheramazing entertainer with a fast-paced &#x26; exciting plot. This is one ofthose movies which keeps on lingering in your mind even after theclimax and you keep going back to the brilliant sequence of events andhow they were executed throughout the plot.<br><br>The movie is set in 1987 based on a true incident when a person posedas a fake CBI officer and robbed a famous jeweller at the Opera Housein Mumbai. This incident forms the basis of the plot and how a group ofconmen conduct false raids as CBI or IT officials to con politicians,businessmen and high profile people to rob them of their money. Theseheists are never reported as most of the money is black money and noneof these high profile people want to be in the news for wrong reasons.<br><br>Neeraj Pandey after his directorial debut with A Wednesday completelyredeems himself with Special Chabbis and reaffirms his position as amaster director. He is definitely not a one film wonder and a directorto watch out for in the future. The best and the most noticeable partof the film is the period that it has been set in. 1980&#x27;s have beenvery effectively portrayed in the movie, whether it was the carsrunning on the roads or the streets of Delhi especially well knownareas like the Connaught Place, whether it was the print style of thenewspapers or the clothes and jewellery worn by the actors. The wholemovie seems to be set in 1980 and all credit goes to the art directoralong with the director. I am still wondering how he shot in the heartof Delhi with all these props from the 80s.<br><br>The casting is perfect and each character in the ensemble of greatactors delivers are powerful performance. Akshay Kumar has always beena great actor for me despite critics and so-called intelligent viewerswriting him off. As the linchpin of the team he is subtle, intelligentand still manages to be funny in his own earthly way. This isdefinitely another feather in his cap with his long list of successfulmovies. Anupam Kher as a vulnerable supporter of the leader and alustful old man (considering his long line of children) is superb andreminds of a perfect Punjabi uncle. Rajesh Sharma (Munjal from themovie Khosla ka Ghosla) as the third character fits perfectly into thewell oiled team as the big guy from a Purani Dilli joint family.Kishore Kadam as the oppressed husband though a reserved role makes animpact. Jimmy Shergill&#x27;s portrayal of a frustrated suspended policeofficer is very believable and you can&#x27;t fail but empathize with thecharacter of Sub- Inspector Ranveer Singh. But, Manoj Bajpayee is theactor which never ceases to amaze me. You put him any role and heshines, sometimes more than the protagonist. As a no nonsense CBIofficer he again steals the show and gives another honest performanceworth a standing ovation. Kajal Aggarwal (from Singham) is a prettygirl and looks pretty, however her character&#x27;s contribution to thestory is a little frivolous.<br><br>The climax hits you in typical Neeraj Pandey style which I am sure isfast becoming his signature style in his movies. Full marks to him forgreat direction, amazing portrayal of all characters, great plot,superb casting and above all perfect detailing.<br><br>Go and watch it, and I definitely can again. This one definitely livedup to my expectations and left me hungry for more (I waited till theend of casting hoping there would be another surprise scene at theend).

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Reviewed by mustafa-saify

He did it again. Though budget was seven times than &#x22;A Wednesday&#x22;(first masterpiece directed by Neeraj Pandey ) still it wasn&#x27;t muchhyped one ( or may be i don&#x27;t watch TV these days). I came to knowabout this notorious saga when one of my friend messaged me to watch it. Thanks to her!! Its being ages since I watched well crafted ingeniousBollywood thriller( recommended to get over with trauma of Race 2). Andthat to con classic is a really a treat. And what makes it moreinteresting is &#x22;Based on real story&#x22; factor (though definitely morefiction).<br><br>The movie is set in late 80&#x27;s (specifically 1987). For starting 10minute never felt that its a con movie. Thought of some kind ofvigilant drama. But then subtle revelation made it clear. Story moveswith introduction of all characters. One thing which was perfect aboutthe movie was the feel of 80&#x27;s. Airports, roads, vehicles,hotels,places where people use to hide money, panoramic view of cities,clips of events from 80&#x27;s, demeanor of characters (Pleat pants wore byBajpai,simple sweaters even the watch wore by Akshay was 80&#x27;s item).The perfectly executed raid scenes with money shelled out fromimaginative places. Brilliant and unpredictable climax. All addingstars to this con epic.<br><br>Only week points were repetition of some scenes which were unnecessary,lady love of Akshay Kumar as per Indian Rule book, boring songs.<br><br>Good to see Akshay Kumar doing something good (small trivia Neerajwaited for this movie almost 3 years just because he wanted Akshay toplay lead role and in return benign Akshay charged only half of hisnormal fees), Anupam Kher and Manoj Bajpai at their best. Othersplaying their part.<br><br>Final verdict : Watch it for intelligent con thriller, horse and buggyIndian days and Stellar Akshay Kumar&#x27;s performance.<br><br>Rating : 8/10.

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Reviewed by Vishal Kulkarni 10/10

An amazing movie with a very good twist in both the starting and theclimax part. All actors have performed well and the movie is worthwatching. The amazing weekend blockbuster starring Akshay Kumar, KajalAggarwal and supporting actors Manoj Bajpay, Anupam Kher and JimmyShergill. This movie marks the comeback of the greatest action starAkshay Kumar in his amazing comic role + serious role. This moviedepicts four characters who looted the money of rich people likeministers and jewelery shop owners who were corrupt by claimingthemselves to be CBI and in other case as Income Tax Dept. This issueis shown in the movie which refers to actual occurrence of suchrobberies in the 1980&#x27;s in India.

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