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Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 7

And of course the rumor of three good movies in the franchise was not true. We have two incredible movies and then we have this one. It's definitely the lesser of the three and that says a lot, because its predecessors we're fantastic. The movie struggles to find out what it's really about and we get a movie filled with too many villains that doesn't get enough screentime, and maybe some of them shouldn't have had any at all. The acting is a little edgy this time around, but I think that's because of the script and the constant rewriting of it. It bugs me a little, because this could have easily been the definitive "Spider-Man" if Raimi had just removed some things from the movie and maybe added a couple of more good lines to the script.

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Reviewed by mstomaso 7

Venom, Green Goblin 3 and Sandman.<br/><br/>Spiderman 3 reworks these three epic story arcs into a single feature length film. Impossible? Well... some of the reviewers here on IMDb seem to agree. I, however, do not. I went into this film with some trepidation and reasonable expectations. The Venom saga has been, since it first appeared in print, one of my all-time favorite multiple issue story arcs in comics. How this story could be made into a film following in the somewhat less weighty footsteps of Spiderman and Spiderman 2 was hard to imagine. The film did justice to the story-line - keeping almost all of its dark thematic content, while modifying its plot points and reducing its heavy depressive tone in order to keep the film entertaining and fast-paced. But don&#39;t expect this to be the same lengthy exploration that the comics provide.<br/><br/>Sam and Ivan Raimi can add this to their long list of satisfying films.<br/><br/>Briefly, Spiderman is having his normal share of growing pains. His love for MJ is now matched by his self-absorption and his addiction to heroism. Of course Harry still wants to kill him to avenge his father&#39;s death, and somewhere out there is his uncle&#39;s killer - who is about to become The Sandman. Just as things really start to fall apart, his costume turns black and develops a sinister aspect. He becomes more powerful, more ruthless, and a more conflicted being than the hero he had been. And Peter even dons black eye liner and a decidedly emo haircut. Unlike most recent comic book adaptations on the big screen, the story (to this point) offers plenty of room for humor, which Raimi could never pass up. J. J. Jameson and Bruce Campbell&#39;s excellent cameo are pure comedic relief from the somewhat heavy subject matter that seems immanent throughout this film. You&#39;ll laugh... you&#39;ll cry... You&#39;ll fall in love, if you can handle a new take on the classic Venom tale, with some worthwhile additions.<br/><br/>Things go from bad but kind of funny to worse and pretty serious. The film explores emotions more than any superhero film I have thus far seen - with the possible exception of the original Punisher. It nicely studies Spidey&#39;s humanity, ego, fallibility, and his previously unexplored dark side, and forces our hero to confront all three both symbolically and physically in order to redeem himself.<br/><br/>Tobey Maguire turns in his best Spidey performance yet, and is excellently supported by Kirsten Dunst and Rosemary Harris. James Franco turns in a great interpretation of Harry - much needed for this story-line. This cinematography is more wide-open and hyperbolic than the previous Raimi Spiderman films - as one would expect given the storyline. It is not surprising that the film went a little beyond the pale in terms of special effects - again unavoidable given the subject matter. But the CGI did become a little distracting towards the end.<br/><br/>I have read a lot of disappointed reviews of this film, but honestly, I found much to praise and very little to complain about. Highly recommended especially for Venom fans.

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Reviewed by streetcar1951 5

As I was walking down the stairs and out of the theater, I was trying as hard as I could to pull a smile out of my face. My friends tensely asked if I liked it, I said &quot;Yes, of course!!&quot; They nodded weakly in response. On the way home, I kept thinking to myself. &quot;You liked it! C&#39;mon! It&#39;s Spiderman!&quot; Now, it&#39;s two days later, the euphoria of waiting for Spidey to come out has subsided, and I&#39;ve begun to look at this flick a bit more (shall I say it?) critically.<br/><br/>It&#39;s plain to see that Sam Raimi is a fantastic director. He knows when to do what and realizes that he is making a superhero movie, which is why the Spider-man movies have done so well. It&#39;s not like the recent Batman and Superman who try to hide the fact that they&#39;re just fun superhero films. Raimi knows his material and embraces it. The effects were astounding as usual. Spiderman&#39;s one-on-one fight with the Sandman and the crane scene being the major highlights. I thought these features would outbalance the weaker spots of the film, but unfortunately they did not.<br/><br/>As far as acting goes, I&#39;m surprised to say that Topher Grace stole the show. I remember how outraged everyone was when he was chosen, but obviously someone knew what they were doing when they let him on as Venom. James Franco and Kirsten Dunst played their usual selves (I can&#39;t help but think of Dunst dreaming of getting back to work with Sofia Coppola while doing these films). However, Tobey Maguire REALLY disappointed me. I&#39;ve always thought he was so great at Spidey, which is undeniable in the first two films and even in this one...when he has his red suit on. Maguire is a one note actor, at least as far as Spidey goes. He just could not pull off the black suit; he wasn&#39;t good at being bad. Then came the horrific bridge scene with MJ. Along with most other people I&#39;ve talked to, my entire theater erupted in laughter when he started crying. It was just...sad...and not in the way the writers intended it.<br/><br/>Speaking of the writing, I hate to be beating a dead horse, but c&#39;mon: 3 villains, Sandman&#39;s background, trouble with MJ, Harry&#39;s changing attitudes, 2 different Spidermans, competition at the Bugle, Gwen Stacy, etc. It was just WAY TOO MUCH! Even if you had four hours, it&#39;s just too much to cram into the audience in one sitting. The great thing about Spiderman 2 (the best of the trilogy) is how focused it was. You had the inner struggle, the villain and his relationship with MJ. There it was! Beautifully filmed and written. From the first 15 minutes of Spiderman 3, I knew that all these parallel story lines were going to crash within the next two hours. The sequence that shows how far they&#39;ve fallen from part two is the whole emo/hair in the eyes/eyeliner/oh so cool &quot;bad&quot; Spiderman scenes. The first few minutes of this was funny in the same way that the &quot;Raindrops are Falling on my Head&quot; scene in part two was great, but this time they stretched a good thing way too far. This whole sequence is what sticks in my mind and refuses to let me think that the film was just as great as the rest.<br/><br/>I tried to like it! I really did! I just can&#39;t fool myself any longer. Some critics like Peter Travers for Rolling Stone are saying that we can let this one slide because it&#39;s Spiderman, but I couldn&#39;t disagree more. Spiderman 3 missed the mark and, deep down inside, we all know it.

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