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Reviewed by karimsumar-846-705369 6

Not sure why so many people are giving negative reviews.This one amongst many trilogy, is one of the nicer movie.!There is a real message at the end and some of the film is based on true events.<br/><br/>Dancing steps are amazing. A copied numbers Muqabla is welcomed.<br/><br/>Advice : Go and see it, the youngsters will enjoy more!<br/><br/>Regards<br/><br/>Karim

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Reviewed by pratyush2611 1

There is nothing more terrible than combo of Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. I almost forgot last time when she acted well in a movie. Both Varun &amp; Shraddha are awful dancers and don&#39;t deserve a place in the center. All the talented dancers like Puneet Pathak, Dharmesh, Sushant (Pujari &amp; Khatri), Salman etc. didn&#39;t impress you with their dance because they all are trying too hard to act. Varun is so bad at acting that even Puneet Pathak looks better than him on screen. Nora &amp; Vartika Jha are good but they are there for little time. Aparshakti emotional scenes will make you laugh rather than being sad.

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Reviewed by chavanprathamesh-22904 1

Let&#39;s get it straight1. Story - story what? Just add India-pak angle and that&#39;s it.2. Acting - Varun DiCaprio acted average so did shraddha. Nora did well same applies to Prabhu Deva.3. Cinematography - Pretty much Average4. Direction - Same Average from Remo sir5. Dance - Fantabulous6. 3D Effects - some water splashing and all. That&#39;s it.Overall, it&#39;s one time WatchMy personal Rating - 2/5

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