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Adventure / Thriller

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Reviewed by jamihaqjoy 10

Whatta Thrilling And Emotional Movie ! AMust Watch .

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Reviewed by yrMDb 6

A couple. A gaming challenge. Some questions. Some tasks. The rules. And the referee.<br/><br/>A couple take a challenge to answers some questions and do some related tasks only to make quick money they offered by a strange man who is also the referee. And every game has rules. There is no way to break.<br/><br/>Could have been better if it get a little bit longer.<br/><br/>Let&#39;s watch how easy to be a millionaire.Let&#39;s watch how far can anyone go for money.Let&#39;s watch how...

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Reviewed by muvi-fan-73 8

It starts as a game where a couple can win a considerable amount of money. In general when that happens in a movie plot, the movie is not appreciated generally by critics. Here it stands different, the later part of the movie defines why the movie turns out the way it is. <br/><br/>At the end, certain facts are shown. I am sure the numbers are considerably low as compared to real statistics. I follow the end credits as article no. 21 - &#39;protection of life and personal liberty&#39;.<br/><br/>The movie comes out as a brave attempt highlighting for a cause, not losing its entertainment value. As the movie progresses we find it more engaging.<br/><br/>Final verdict: The evil of ragging needs to be rooted out, whatever it takes, implementing discipline since early phase of life or strict laws and punishment for the culprit.

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