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Reviewed by Robin Turner 8/10

As a t'ai chi player, I watched this film hoping to see a lot of t'aichi (I'd already started running scenarios in my head where the brashyoung Jet Li learns t'ai chi from Michelle Yeoh). In this respect, andonly in this respect, I was disappointed, as this is not a t'ai chifilm but a story about how t'ai chi came to be. In every other respect,I was supremely satisfied. This is first class wuxia, alternating crazyfights with goofy humour, with a little tragedy and philosophy thrownin. Of course this mix will probably be insufferable to anyone whoisn't into wuxia, but if you like the kind of martial arts films wherecombatants call out the name of the move they're about to do, you'lllove this. Incidentally, you'll notice the inspiration for a fight inCharlie's Angels in one of the early scenes: "And this one's calledknocking you on the head."

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Reviewed by titan-28 8/10

"Twin Warriors" is one of my favorite Jet Li movies. It is about twomonks who grow up together and befriend one another. After gettingkicked out of their temple, they have to live in the world outside ofthe temple for the first time of their lives. Unfamiliar with the realworld and how it works, they end up choosing different paths. In theend they end up fighting one another and throw their long friendshipout the window. Also joining them is Michelle Yeoh, famous for"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", and does a good job as well. Thestory is pretty good, and it even has some funny moments. There is nosexuality or hard language which is good for this film. The action init is over the top and non-stop. It is definitely why you would want tosee this movie, all different kinds of combat and martial arts. Youhave one on one fights, huge wars, hand to hand combat, weapon combat,and even the grab anything and use it as a weapon combat. The dubbingis pretty decent, and I don't think you can even find it in the Stateswith the original voices. There are some minor flaws, like a times youcan see wires, or things just look really fake, but it doesn't reallytake anything away from the film and is very entertaining. If you are amartial arts, Jet Li, or action fan, you should like this one. It hasan R rating, but really could be PG-13 as there isn't anything verygory or sexual.

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Reviewed by ([email protected])

It's not Drunken Master, (not the Legend of Drunken Master, the original,noodge), but what is? It is a well made tale of an ousted Shaolin monk whothrough hardship and madness, learns the ultimately taoist T'ai ChiChuan.<br><br>The thing I love about this film, (and you'd have to be a geek to go withthis} but I love the fact that he learns T'ai Chi through his ownhardships,not from a sifu (teacher), and the typical sifu or friend who dies is hisfriend, who, instead of dying, turns evil with power.<br><br>The entire movie is a great representation of Taosism (yin, yang, good andevil}. I don't agree that Michelle Yeoh (or Michelle Kahn at she time inthefilm) was not well used. She provided the idea of the easy path, drinkinginthis case, that is so lacking in gong fu movies. She and he both redeemthemselves against the head bad guy (His character name escapes me at thetime}, but there is no love interest between themselves. She's tough andtroubled, he's tough and troubled and they actually help each other (read:she stops drinking to save him, he learns from her care and she helps curehis madness).<br><br>By the way, the head bad guy, (again, sorry about the name} was stillplayedbrilliantly even in dubbing. My friends and I still say &quot;Hmmmmm&quot; in hisfeyevil voice when thinking bad thoughts. It can be said it's typical HongKongfare... Good guy gets defeated, learns a new style of Gong Fu and defeatsthe bad guy, but then again, isn't that what Star Wars took 3 films toaccomplish?<br><br>Anyway, my opinion of this film is tainted by the fact that I'm a taoist,but the action is top notch, nobody flies for no reason, all thecharacters(even the comic relief) are fleshed out. great film. not the greatest,but,it's a hell of a lot better than &quot;Shaolin Drunken Monk&quot; (aka, Plan 9 fromthe Shaolin Temple) lol.

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