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Reviewed by pushpakppr 9

Nana Patekar is a gem and story too. People should give it a go.

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Reviewed by MartinHafer 8

This Indian film is a remake of the American film &quot;Changing Lanes&quot;. I cannot compare the two as I&#39;ve never seen the original movie. Remaking American films in India, by the way, is extremely common.<br/><br/>The film begins with the narrator introducing the two main characters--and showing how although the two are from totally different classes in society, they both are big jerks. Raghav is a poor working guy who&#39;s had 23 jobs...all because he is so angry and disagreeable. He drives a cab...and hasn&#39;t told his wife he&#39;s lost his other job. Jai is a spoiled brat from a rich family. After his father&#39;s death, control of his financial empire did NOT pass on to Jai, however, and Jai is in court trying to prove his father had another will...and it&#39;s in his safety deposit box. But he&#39;s also a huge jerk and oversleeps on the day of his court hearing! And, to get there on time he incessantly badgers the cab driver, Raghav, to drive faster and faster and faster. Not surprisingly, there is an accident and Jai simply gets out of the cab and runs off...leaving Raghav to face the wrath of the police!! Raghav is screwed...except for one thing. Jai left behind his key for the deposit box...and Raghav has it and won&#39;t even consider giving it to him! What&#39;s next is a nasty little cat and mouse game where a desperate Jai chases Raghav about Mumbai trying to get that key. Both are angry and neither one seems willing to give an what&#39;s next?<br/><br/>I liked the film very much. It had a really good story. But I must knock off a point or so since the story is not original AND because the ending was a bit far-fetched. Still, well worth seeing.<br/><br/>By the way, if you aren&#39;t very familiar with Indian films, the notion of the police being corrupt is very common! So, when the cop talks about taking bribes, this is pretty much what you normally see in films involving the police. And, the exceptions are the good cops who are above this sort of thing! And, from the folks I&#39;ve spoken with, this is the perception of the police in general in India.

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Reviewed by satori9512011 8

This film opened my eyes to Bollywood films, it is simply superb especially Nana Patekar an unknown actor to me up till this point, who suddenly entered my top five list of male actors. The original: Changing Lanes is not a poor film either compared to what usually get out of Hollywood, but this Bollywood adaptation of the story runs rings around it with ease. Thanks to superb acting and some subtle changes to the manuscript of the original story Taxi 9211 becomes a more intense and engaging film. It should perhaps be told that it is, perhaps somewhat unusual for a Bollywood film for though there is a brief song and dance routine at the very beginning of the film as in most Bollywood films the director has gone out of his way to hide it and integrate it into the film so that it blends in without being disruptive and without it leaving the stamp of Bollywood on it, the film itself has more in common with French cinema than Indian.

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