The Half of It


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 5

I really wanted to like this film. It has a more diverse cast as well as director/writer and its an LGBTQ story. We need more of both of these things and that&#39;s what makes me really happy about this movie.<br/><br/>However, i think this movie is a bit of a try hard. It is almost like the teachers pet of Netflix Teen Movies. It wants everyone to think it is so clever but i think this is a hinderance to it. It is already better then the other garbage Netflix spews at us at a ridiculous pace. It didn&#39;t need to go over the top with quotes every so often.<br/><br/>This is lightyears ahead of the other Netflix movies as you can tell the directer cared about the story they were telling where as the other movies kinda feel like they were pumped out of a machine. This had more care.<br/><br/>I did unfortunatly find my self very bored in this movie. I dont know if its because I&#39;m not a teenager or what. It was just kinda dull if I&#39;m honest which once again is sad because i love that this movie exists.<br/><br/>The script is a teen movie cliché ridden nightmare with cheesey lines which surprises me as i really feel like the director wanted this movie to be like a &quot;Smart movie&quot; so cheesing it up with these lines doesn&#39;t help at all.<br/><br/>I would say you could watch it if you like this type of movie. Its not like &#39;the kissing booth&#39; or them type of movies bad, it was just a bit boring for me.

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Reviewed by atheneachristielim 5

As soon as I watched the trailer, I loved the idea of this film. The awkward journeys of self-discovery the characters embark on were really well executed by the actors. I also appreciate that the protagonist was a queer woman of color, which we don&#39;t get to see too often.<br/><br/>However, the dialogue alone bumped my rating down by at least three stars. A lot of it came across as an attempt to sound &#39;deep&#39;, which instead came off as pretentious and inauthentic. Other lines simply didn&#39;t sound like anything any teenager (or any person in general) would say. Think John Green but even worse.<br/><br/>Overall, a sweet film without the usual romantic element, but I just couldn&#39;t watch it without cringing at most of its lines.

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Reviewed by hepburnsdairy 1

I didn&#39;t see the point of this movie. It did not make me experience any emotions other than boredom and cringe and it didn&#39;t teach me anything new or inspire some thinking.<br/><br/>It&#39;s like the whole plot was written by some notorious kids who believe they are better than others bc they have rich inner world.<br/><br/>Also, Aster has no personality.

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