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Reviewed by Anansi00 9/10

After seeing this movie, I was overcome by a strange feeling. Irealized that I had found a treasure where I had least expected it. TheIron Giant is intelligent, funny, touching, and visually superb, andshould show the world that an animated movie does not need to be A)computer-animated, or B) based on a fairy tale to be successful. One ofthe best American-made children's movies I have seen in a decade:[b]8.5/10.0[/b]<br><br>Now, I'm a 17-year-old who is slowly transitioning into the domain ofmovie buffdom, which basically means that I am watching a stream ofmovies based on recommendations from friends, critics, and the IMDb Top250 list. I got this one almost by accident after the local rentalplace could not find the movie I was really after, choosing itbasically on the knowledge that it was the previous project of BradBird, director of The Incredibles (a personal favorite). After watchingit, I felt like calling up every mother I knew and telling her to haveher children (and herself) watch this.<br><br>The Iron Giant revolves around an adventurous young boy in 1950ssmall-town America who discovers a gigantic robot out in the woods thathas arrived on Earth from goodness-knows-where. He befriends the robot,while trying to keep him safe from a nosy government agent. The storyseldom lags, with a series of comical adventures connected by the boy'sgrowing relationship with his friend. <br><br>This movie is very appealing as entertainment. The voices arewell-done, and the scenery is also terrific. Most importantly, though,is the animation, which is a bright spot from this time period. Thecharacters are well-drawn, especially the Giant, who through terrificdesign, lifelike movements, and clever small touches (i.e., the eyes)seems both alien and human, imposing and childlike. Furthermore, theanimation is comical. I don't know when I have ever seen slapstick orpunchlines so well-complimented by the animation. The script, writtenby Bird and based off the book The Iron Man, is also very well done.Though the movie relies upon a few minor crutches common to children'smovies, it is still very original and clever.<br><br>One thing that I must point out about this movie is its morals.Throughout the movie, the main moral of the story, about the Iron Giantlearning and choosing to be good, is actually fairly adroitly handled.At no point when the subject comes up, including standard sentimentalclimax, does the idea seem contrived. Throughout the movie, evidence ofBird's influence by comic books is quite evident, and his ultimatemessage about heroes (variations of which will resurface in TheIncredibles) is relevant and sincere. However, I do have to say thatthe secondary moral, about the evils of xenophobia and paranoia, bothof which are embodied by the movie's antagonist, the government agentand the military, are very politically charged. While this may soundinitially controversial and politically charged for a kids' movie (thesecond of which I do not deny), I noticed that it was in large part athoughtful spoof of Cold War America, with jokes as well as valuablelessons about &quot;duck and cover&quot; and 1950s nuclear edginess that I foundvery clever.<br><br>On a final note, I do have to point out that this movie had me laughinghard, but more importantly, it brought me closer to tears than anyanimated movie I can remember (including Bambi), closer than I like toadmit. I wish that I had discovered it sooner, and I hope that everyonegets the chance to experience it the way I did.

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Reviewed by flickjunkie-3

The Iron Giant is a critically acclaimed piece of animated cinema. I wasn'texpecting it to be that good, but The Iron Giant was an amazing movie, itiseasily the most exquisite animated movie I have ever seen.<br><br>Hogarth Hughes (Eli Marenthal) is obsessed by the opportunites offered byscience fiction, the possibility of an alien take-over or, at the veryleast, an attack from outer space. The original story, which the late PoetLaureate had set in England, saw the innocent Titan of the title emergefromthe sea; here he is a visitor from another galaxy.<br><br>The Iron Giant is an amazing piece of animation, the voice-overs were doneperfectly, the actors obviously enjoyed themselves, the animated artdirection and cinematography was beautiful and the giant itself isjust...breathtaking.<br><br>The Iron Giant is not just another silly little kiddies movie, it isperfection in filmmaking. Please, for the love of God, make your lifebetterand see this brilliant film.<br><br>I rate The Iron Giant 10 out of 10.

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Reviewed by Donald J. Lamb 10/10

Animated movies have long been considered strictly for children. The oldDisney classics that started it all are indeed aimed at kids, but are stillvery watchable, even for adults. With the advent of TOY STORY and itscountless mimics, animated feature films have taken long strides to beconsidered worthy of serious attention. THE IRON GIANT is just such ananimated piece. The 87 minute wonder is, to put it mildly, incredible. Everything about it is good. I've also never seen so many influences andreferences in an animated film before.<br><br>This is a movie with a heart the size of the title character. A gentle,gigantic robot is rocketed to earth and befriends a 10 year old boy. Thekid has a single mother (voiced nicely by Jennifer Aniston) and he is justlooking for a friend, whether it be a squirrel, or even a 50 foot tallmachine. The familiar premise is obviously out of Spielberg's E.T. Onescene even has the giant reaching out his finger to the boy in much the sameway ET did to 10 year old Elliott when he departed this earth. E.T. was anout of this world fantasy that took place on this earth. Here, it isanimated and almost just as effective.<br><br>IRON GIANT takes place during 1957 in a small town in Maine. The 1950's wasa time when the American public was fearful of atomic bombs and thepossibility of alien life off the earth. Live-action sci-fi films of the1950's always depicted the arrival of &quot;dangerous&quot; alien life and our effortsto destroy it. THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL is an influence on this filmfor evident reasons. Ultimately, the characters in that classic learn fromthe extra-terrestrial being and realize the dangers of the A-Bomb. It isamazing to see an animated feature which can relay this same type of messagesome 50 years later.<br><br>A beautiful and touching ode to BAMBI is witnessed about halfway through. It also brings back some tearful moments from the key scene in that great,hand-drawn film. Here, we see both hand-drawn imagery coupled with acomputer-generated &quot;iron giant&quot;. The title character is actually a 3Dcomposition done digitally, mixed with the 2D action surrounding him. Thereare some highly imaginative shots of the robot mixing in with the film'senvironment. At one point, he appears to be a lighthouse until the lightsbegin to blink. I guess robots must blink too. <br><br>Enough analysis. I loved this movie. It is ranked #81 on the top list byother user authors for a reason. Not only is it escapist, fantasticentertainment for kids, adults, and seniors alike, it is an animated picturelike no other. It combines the joy of SNOW WHITE and PINOCCHIO, thecommentary of 1950's science fiction, and the wizardry and laughter of TOYSTORY and its sequel. Do not miss this enchanting flick.<br><br>RATING: ****

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