The Kissing Booth 2


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.0


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by conormaynardily 1

Firstly why was this 2 hours long??? Secondly why was it that bad, but ended on such a cliff hanger??<br/><br/>My advise would be give this one a miss...

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Reviewed by bethaneva 3

I didn&#39;t like the first one very much, but watched the second one anyway (my fault I guess!) I hoped it would be better but is dumb, too long (over 2 hours!) and very predictable. There was also possibly the cringiest sentence ever uttered in a romcom EVER! I&#39;ll probably still watch the 3rd one when it comes out, but only because I really hope Elle and Lee will FINAL realise how PERFECT they together as they have the best chemistry by far.

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Reviewed by heneliezer 5

I basically predicted the entire movie after 10 Minutes.

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