The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson


Crime / Thriller

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Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 1

Once again this director has made another movie about a real life tragedy. Thank god he didn&#39;t throw supernatural elements in this time.<br/><br/>This movie flat out lies about what happened in Nicole&#39;s life just to create a narrative. And I totally get this because a movie needs a narrative to work. He obviously thought the real story was boring or something so he just threw in random things to pad the story out. He must have been like &quot;well we know Nicole was a person and we know she died so we have a beginning and an end just fill in the middle with information from articles on Wikipedia&quot;.<br/><br/>I imagine her family are pretty mad at this movie. With reason.<br/><br/>I just don&#39;t get why you would make another explorative movie like this after the car crash reaction that &quot;haunting of Sharon Tate&quot; got.<br/><br/>Also the acting is a disaster all around. The writing is just boring. The worst line was, referring to Bruce Jenner, something like &quot;Bruce is at some fund raiser...oh that must be a drag&quot;. I bet the writer thought he stuck gold with that line. Which is again insulting and not funny.<br/><br/>I hope this is the last of this type of movie he makes because i imagine it must be hard for the family to watch.

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Reviewed by ghgaskins 1

Yes. It&#39;s that bad. Mena Suvari is the Exec Producer for this movie and I wonder where she received funding. This movie is not even worthy of a Lifetime showing. Terrible story, Terrible script, Terrible acting, and Terrible decision of mine to watch. I should have known better. Mena hasn&#39;t been in a good movie since American Beauty and it&#39;s amazing she&#39;s still around.

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Reviewed by sanaipatel 1

Why did u have to put Nicoles name to this? You should have just made it an independent film. OJ is so evidently and obviously guilty of these murders. What an insult to the two deceased and their families. Also what a crap actress cast as Nicole. Mena suvari really?

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