The Old Guard


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Reviewed by yentsaiwang-50314 1

The concept of the story is acceptable, but the script and dialogues are excruciatingly unbearable. I almost gave up after the first 30 minutes but then I thought Theron couldn't have agreed to do such a horrendous movie. Boy was I wrong, everyone looked so lifeless and forced except Kiki/Nile, it's like they knew how bad the final product would be and they were somewhat apologetic. This is not one of those it's so bad it's good movies so don't waste your time. If any time you find this movie unbearable don't wait, nothing worthy is going to happen, just turn off the TV or watch something else.

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Reviewed by charlierobertryan-53164 5

The Old Guard was so close to impressing me. This has got to be one of the most frustrating movies of 2020 so far, because there is too much holding it back for me to call it anything above average but there are some great and exceptional elements that not only help it stand out from other movies of it&#39;s sort but it makes me want to like it more than I do.<br/><br/>I think it&#39;s biggest drawback is purely having to work around the mechanics of a feature length film which isn&#39;t always a bad thing but when your story has this much weight and covers so much ground, from the characters back stories, their place throughout history, as well as their relationships with one another as well as concepts such as how desensitised the characters have become to killing random people in order to survive, is living this long even worth it with having to cope with your loved ones dying around you? as well as the choices with how we live our life and what impact we can have on the world. I feel like a TV show would have given the filmmakers more time to develop all of these elements and give them the attention they diverse, but the movie moves at a quick pace that it gives no time for those interesting elements to breathe or flesh them out. As a result, everything feels so half baked.<br/><br/>Which is a shame because when the characters are interacting with each other the actors have good chemistry, and they do a good job with giving you the impression that they have a long history together and i was looking forward to how the film would explore these things but instead it&#39;s mostly told through exposition and quick flashbacks that last a second and then were back to the generic plot and another action scene!<br/><br/>Other problems with the film: I know I&#39;m not the first person to say this but the soundtrack choices where abysmal! I don&#39;t understand this recent trend to pander to zoomers by playing some inappropriate dubstep electronic music that is so out of place and takes you out of each action scene it plays in! Even worse by the fact the action scenes by the standard of most modern action movies are actually pretty well done but you can&#39;t appreciate them due to the awful music that plays over it!<br/><br/>The villain is probably the worst movie villain I&#39;ve seen in a long time! There is not a single thing about him that&#39;s threatening, his bug eyed expression and over the top accent makes it hard to take him seriously, made worse by the fact that he has literally zero motivation for why he does what he does other than the fact that he is a smiley billionaire that loves money! If your going to have your world and characters be presented in a way that&#39;s serious, dour and dark you can&#39;t follow it up by having a villain who is the complete opposite to those things and looks like he&#39;s walked out of a Saturday morning cartoon, It would have been way better to have Chiwetel Ejiofor as the bad guy cause at least it would have provided some grey area to what he was doing. Also without spoiling anything but that sequel bait ending was sooo forced!!!<br/><br/>So yeah a mixed bag overall (even though this review sounds very negative) If they make a sequel to this (which i doubt) I would probably welcome it so long as the filmmakers take notes about what to improve because this movie had potential and had it&#39;s moments so lets hope they build on improving the flaws of this film.

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Reviewed by kobiohanna 1

Very bad don&#39;t waste your time, many rushed scene unplanned and unreasonable, many holes in plot many predictable moves please dont make a second one...

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