The Perfect Date


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by snenazena 4

Very good idea, but poor acting and very very boring. Don't even bother to watch

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Reviewed by nrppaul 9

It's literally the same as all other Noah Centineo movies. The same writing and plot line and storyline of all teen Netflix original movies recently. Same aesthetic, same soundtrack, same morals and same story. But, I loved it lol. If you're after something new and innovative, this isn't it. But if you're after a feel-good teen romance movie with that aesthetic and cute adorable Noah Centineo dorky smile? Then this is a nice hour and a half for you

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Reviewed by colleencanada 7

Is this movie predictable? Yes. A little cheesy. For sure. A mashup of teen movies before it. Oh Hell Yeah. But even for a cynic like me, I have to say it was a sweet little movie. And hey, it has the right message-look after your friends and family, be true to yourself and here's a novel idea-embrace something positive.It was refreshing to see something innocent..

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