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Reviewed by kiss_the_pussycats 7

Obviously not an outstanding film or storyline but you can tell they've thought through the script. High comedic value on the punchlines. And I love the little kid Maxwell S, his acting is hilarious. This kid has a lot of potential I hope his parents don't screw his life up like other child actors.

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Reviewed by matt_sole-372-208203 9

This film is at no risk of winning an Oscar, but if you want 1hr43 of good family fun, without watching something that is saccharine sweet, this is the perfect film. A gazillion plot holes, but you shouldn't care, as the film bops along at a good pace, plenty of humour that is good enough to make an adult chuckle, but not too much for younger ears. Chase sequences, mystery, a few cars exploding. This film really has something for everyone.The young actor who plays the son, Kevin, is a stand-out and someone I am sure we will see as a comedy actor in years to come.I really enjoyed it. Step away from reality and watch a good family action flick.

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Reviewed by lizroze 10

I know some of the reviews say "kids will like it", and so on, but I, as a high school sophomore really enjoyed this movie. I loved how the movie was portrayed in the trailer I decided to watch it right away, and no I am not disappointed! I love comedy, action, spy movies and this movie was a very light and enjoyable film to watch!!

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