The Spiderwick Chronicles


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Reviewed by michaelarmer 9

There is something about a Children&#39;s fantasy film, if made well, that if watched when a child it will be in your heart forever, for me it was Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang amongst others, I will never forget them and smile every-time I see the names of them.<br/><br/>The Spiderwick Chronicles was made much later when I was an adult, but strangely enough it still does the same for me, the reason being it is excellent.<br/><br/>The original stories are fantasy&#39;s this is a fantasy, just not exactly the same ones and it was never meant to be like that, also some reviewers give this a low score because it does not stick to the books accurately and combining several short stories, I think they are missing the point somewhat. You can&#39;t make a 1 1/2 hour film from a short story, so in this case you need to combine the stories, and for me they have done that brilliantly, the screenplay is seamless, you would think it was all one story, and now it is.<br/><br/>There is a strong adult cast, particularly Joan Plowright as Aunt Lucinda and the same with the children, and they are all great, the CGI special effects, particularly with the goblins is excellent, as is the screenplay, direction, photography and music, it is difficult to find fault with it, so I am not going to try. I love it.

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Reviewed by nickiwest 10

This was far more enjoyable than I had hoped or expected. Great cast, great story, a serious fun time movie. MUST SEE!!!

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Reviewed by febinsfrancis 10

Come on guys! I have seen all kinds of garbage with much better ratting. This is one of the best movies I&#39;ve seen as a kid. It completely mesmerised me. The graphics is good, great story. Mark waters has done a great job in directing.

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