The Stolen Princess: Ruslan and Ludmila


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Reviewed by SilverOrlov 6

Not bad graphics, though not a new story but still also not a bad general ideas to use a folklore. But the way it is served... it is bad. Very bad. The meticulous attempt to imitate the Disney style of "funny chaos on the screen" in this cartoon is shown as an attempt to make from the first-grader's drawings as an expensive masterpiece. And putting knowledge of modern slang and other words in the cartoon about Middle Ages looks disgusting in both Disney and this cartoons... Oh yes, and I hate stupid characters like "his friend".

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Reviewed by nickjeromana 6

.............The first thoughts I had with this movie.Let&#39;s talk about it&#39;s good points: the ideas, and many present themselves well. What caught me was this scene with food attacking the princess. I won&#39;t lie simple scenes throughout the movie were actually impressive, but they only survived as solo ideas, and not so much as a complete film.Problems.... animation felt stiff at times, some shots were odd compositions, and the characters felt like plastic more than like soft skin. Pacing sometimes was awkward.<br/><br/>In the first 15 minutes of the film they did a bit of copy and paste from Disney&#39;s Aladdin. (I almost never accuse anyone of that unless it is THAT obvious, sorry it kinda was)<br/><br/>At the 20 minute mark things did get better, but by then you&#39;re audience is probably turned away, or very uncomfortable.<br/><br/>Sorry, but I&#39;m hoping that Wizart will have better luck with this fairytale in 2020.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 7

I sat down to watch &quot;The Stolen Princess: Ruslan and Ludmila&quot; with my 9 year old son, and it turned out that this 2018 animated movie was great surprise. And I am quite glad that I did sit down to watch it.<br/><br/>The storyline turned out to be entertaining for both me and my son, so the movie has an appeal to adults and children alike. I especially enjoyed it because of its fantasy setting, and there was a lot of fun stuff to be seen throughout the course of the storyline. I&#39;ve been a fan of the fantasy genre in all manners of media, so I was loving this fantasy setting found in &quot;The Stolen Princess: Ruslan and Ludmila&quot;.<br/><br/>The art style and CGI was very good, and I found it to be up to level of what you&#39;d expect from Pixar or Disney. So that was highly impressive and enjoyable, and it definitely added a lot of flavor to the movie.<br/><br/>The characters in the movie were nicely fleshed out and you quickly felt at home in the storyline right there alongside with Ruslan and his friends. And of course the animal companions were absolutely hilarious and lovable. The villain too, of course, was also lovable and being the stereotypical archetype villain that you see in many animated movies.<br/><br/>This being an animated movie, then there was some music and singing involved as well, although not overly done as you&#39;d see in Disney movies. Personally I don&#39;t care much for singing segments in cartoons, because that is not why I sit down to watch the animated movie.

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