The Tashkent Files


Drama / Mystery

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Reviewed by dsaha-602-317770 9

Sad truth of Indian politics came out or question raised on...If it was not India, this movie would have got much more critic appreciation.Masked liberals, motivated secular tried enough to hide facts, now its time to bring the facts in front. They will certainly try to stop people to explore these facts.Good attempt at least, to bring the truth hidden in files for years.

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Reviewed by mridulmishra 8

The movie is quite informative about the subject it touches. How the whole nation got compromised for the benefits of a few. Also explains why Russia was so much friendly towards India... there is no free lunch!<br/><br/>The only problem is, all this is wrapped around by too much of Bollywood drama, which makes it a bit boring sometimes. Could have been more engaging by cutting short that drama.

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Reviewed by saheblearning 10

I request all the Indians to watch that movie. Thanks to Vivek Agnihotri for picking that Issue which the government always wanted to hide from us. I really feel so ashamed after watching that movie that our 2nd PM died but no one cares. Even our education system want us to forget about Shastri Ji. RIP Sir, we are so sorry that we didn&#39;t honoured you with the honour you deserve.

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