The Willoughbys


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Reviewed by mamasangrylittleowl 1

If you have read the book, DO NOT WATCH. This was absolutely nothing like the book. They took a concept, and made it a new thing, which wouldn't be too bad except they got rid of the heart of the book. The book itself was pleasant, and charming, albeit a little dark. Completely relatable for anyone who had abusive parents. And yet it wasn't overt. So many different storylines blended together, and it was a great read. In the movie they even got rid of one character completely. I was incredibly disappointed. The book is about these old fashioned kids. However, whoever made the movie couldn't accept that, and had to make it modern. Made the children unlikeable, and got rid of the charm they all had in the book. This was a complete utter waste of time.

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Reviewed by carrie-mcqueen405 3

Not for most kids with foster or adoption in their background - or mean or neglectful parents.

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Reviewed by Sir_AmirSyarif 6

A mix of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Mary Poppins'? Darker and pretty disturbing than most family fare but still has its moments especially with its beautiful animation style and great voice acting.

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