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Reviewed by ryacecxr 7

Certainly the film is worth watching because the two girls are attractive and between them do not have an ounce of cellulite on their bodies - what?? how?? is this Hollywood?? if so how can it be???? - and moreover their flat delivery and expressions is perfect for the unfeeling and uncaring characters they portray.<br/><br/>However, the main event of the film is left ambiguous and the step-father never seems to make a move for a threesome or ffm action, which makes no sense if you see these girls.

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Reviewed by ypejeq 8

All beautiful things hold some evil and that is the case with the two young ladies here.<br/><br/>I am surprised Hollywood still issues films with pretty girls. What happened your tattooed butch ones were entertaining multiple offers and were unavailable?<br/><br/>This film is sarcastic yes, but is essentially a tale of rivalry in evil and mutual abuse.

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Reviewed by anthemlove 8

Two exquisite feminine forms that compete with one another for slim beauty bragging rights launch evil and the film throws a surprise at us mid-film and again towards the end.<br/><br/>There is a bit of misandry woven into the story.<br/><br/>Bodies like these babes are rare and they rock it a bit too so enjoy this crime drama.

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