Toh Baat Pakki!


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.2


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Reviewed by akanuke 7

Well....Movie worth a watch.i watched it with my family and found pretty entertaining, nice comedy drama got more than good to say about it .if we go for the script , much good could have been done , Tabu is back in a prominent role and performed quiet nicely... direction was good , but i think we have some space for flaws... we can hope for better than this in next movies , idea was good , cast was good, and much better about its music, nice job done by pritam and songs, sung by Sonu Nigam and mikka as well ,filled some boosting energy and "Masti" in the movie.... i am not here for criticize much because family likes it, so do I... indeed....what to say more as i mentioned it earlier "movie worth a watch...."

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