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Reviewed by nama chakravorty 3/10

Kabir Khan &#x26; Salman Khan are a combo to reckon with. Their firstcollaboration was the Smash Hit Ek Tha Tiger &#x26; was followed by anAll-Time Blockbuster with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Expectations from theirlatest effort &#x27;Tubelight&#x27; are expectedly gargantuan. But sadly,&#x27;Tubelight&#x27; fails to deliver.<br><br>Reason? &#x27;Tubelight&#x27; stands on a faulty script, that despite nobleintentions, never takes flight. This tale of two torn-brothers aims tobe an affecting tale on brotherhood &#x26; love, but what is eventuallyserved here, is a bland film, that never hits the point.<br><br>&#x27;Tubelight&#x27; Synopsis: Laxman (Salman), a man-child simpleton, believeshis faith will bring back his brother Bharat (Sohail Khan), who getslost while in Battlefield in the Sino-Indian War. <br><br>&#x27;Tubelight&#x27; stands on a tiny plot &#x26; Writer-Director Kabir Khan getsstuck midway. Once Bharat leaves for war, the narrative just becomesstoic. And Laxman&#x27;s relentless effort to bring back his brother withthe power of &#x27;faith&#x27; is overlong &#x26; tedious. Also, the sub-plotinvolving Laxman&#x27;s relationship with a Chinese Family, of a mother &#x26;child, don&#x27;t add much to the goings-on. To give its due, &#x27;Tubelight&#x27;begins well &#x26; the camaraderie between real &#x26; reel life brothers offersgenuine charm. But that doesn&#x27;t last long. In short, &#x27;Tubelight&#x27;doesn&#x27;t make good use of its tiny plot &#x26; just goes on 136-minutes. <br><br>Kabir Khan&#x27;s Writing is the weakest link here. Though his intentionsare to deliver a noble message of love &#x26; peace, but the Writing isn&#x27;ttight enough. Also, there are too many songs in the film &#x26; they onlydrag the film. Khan&#x27;s Direction is alright. Aseem Mishra&#x27;sCinematography is fantastic. His work deserves all the credit, as&#x27;Tubelight&#x27; is a visual delight. Editing needed to crisper. Pritam&#x27;sScore is nice, but the songs don&#x27;t appear useful in the film beyond apoint. Art &#x26; Costume Design are decent.<br><br>Performance-Wise: Salman falls flat in his portrayal of Laxman. As aman-child driven by unshakable faith, the superstar tries to stretchthe actor in him &#x26; even makes a sincere effort to justify the part, buthis performance appears mechanical. Its sad that both Kabir &#x26; Salmanaren&#x27;t in form this time around. Sohail Khan gets little to do asBharat, although his scenes with Salman are sweet. The Late/Great OmPuri shines in his final role as Salman &#x26; Sohail&#x27;s mentor. The Legendgrabs your attention in a supporting role. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub isperfectly mean as the bully. Matin Rey Tangu &#x26; Zhu Zhu lend ablesupport. Yashpal Sharma is wasted. And Shahrukh Khan barely leaves amark in a cameo.<br><br>On the whole, &#x27;Tubelight&#x27; offers very little light! A HugeDisappointment!

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Reviewed by kishordeoras 3/10

Being Salman Khan comes with a responsibility, sometimes that turnsinto : i&#x27;ll do anything and fans will still watch. The original movieLITTLE BOY is so honest as we can believe a small childs fantasies andinnocence. but tube light seems like forced. the easiest way to gainsympathy is by showing the protagonist as a non matured kid, innocentand childlike. we have had a long history of that in bollywood, gainsympathy by showing some rare disease (pa, guzarish, barfi) or show nonrealistic themes.<br><br>locations and cinematography is wonderful, so is the other cast. Ompuri and the little child. rest it just feels like a safe bet by kabirkhan, put a goody goody world and ppl will grab it.<br><br>of course one can&#x27;t argue with salman fans as they get personal in caseanyone criticises the movie. how ever it&#x27;s more important to understandwho exactly are they helping in this case, their IQ or Salman Khan

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Reviewed by apoorvpatole 1/10

Keep your brains outside the movie theatre before watching movie.Salman did the same job while making it... Sohail deserves Oscar forthe consecutive flops added to his list. Worst screenplay worst actingworst storyline (little boy movie is way better) n Worst direction...Even d audience laugh at every serious n emotional scene. Only thingbetter in d movie is &#x22;nothing&#x22;.

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