Uncut Gems


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.8


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ciro_ciampi 1

I go with the honest & truthful reviews posted here - I felt like I was in an argument throughout the movie with a narcissistic sociopath and the level of chaos throughout every moment of his life was awkwardly uncomfortable - I only watched through to the end because of some strange past enjoyment of Adam Sandler's movies.... Just been shouted at for 2 hours and feel drained!

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Reviewed by marcus-191-212062 8

All reviews here are correct. The good ones and the bad ones. This movie is a mess and you can like it or hate. My wife hated it, I liked it very much.

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Reviewed by neildanderson 2

Managed about 10 minutes of this mindless shouting over a terrible synth soundtrack. Everyone needed to knock it down by 50% to make this watchable.<br/><br/>Had to pass before my head exploded.

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