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Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 4/10

........................................................fromPasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA.. CALI, Colombia and ORLANDO, FL <br><br>As far back as I can remember, my Colombian mother always told me: &#x22;Ay,Mijo! If you don&#x27;t habe someseen nice to say...don&#x27;t say anyseeng!&#x22;Obviously, my Mom never saw &#x22;Undefeatable&#x22;! The only bright spot Icould detect in the entire film is when Cynthia Rothrock&#x27;s character isasked by police to identify the body of her dead sister. Amazingly, herreaction is extremely raw, powerful, realistic and very believable. Shemust have dug deep within herself to reference some personal tragedy.<br><br>Other than that, her overall performance is rather lackluster, to saythe least...and she is the best actor in the film, by far! Perhaps acase could also be made for the natural, unenhanced martial artssequences. They are a rather refreshing contrast to the slick,over-produced, sound effects and post-production embellished sceneswe&#x27;ve gotten from both Hollywood and Hong Kong for decades.<br><br>Oh! And the music soundtrack is, at times, passable. (I&#x27;ll bet it wasborrowed from another film, though!) The Director is Godfrey Hall (Realname: Godfrey Ho). Apparently, the concept of Production Values waslost in translation, as they are appallingly abysmal.<br><br>I really wasn&#x27;t in the mood for a &#x22;So bad it&#x27;s really good&#x22; flick.Since 13 out of 19 reviews rated this 10* (Amazon and NF) I wasexpecting, at least, a solid 7* action movie. Boy, whatever you 10*raters ingested before seeing this...can you share some with me? 3.5*rounded up to 4*.....ENJOY/DISFRUTELA?!?! <br><br>Any comments, questions or observations, in English o en Espa&#xF1;ol, aremost welcome!

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Reviewed by ([email protected]) 8/10

OK, Let me begin by saying that if you don&#39;t get the reference in theabove comment, you haven&#39;t seen the end of this movie. If you haven&#39;tseen the end of this movie, you actually are missing out on theexperience of a lifetime.<br><br>Like many people, I was introduced to this movie through the internet -in fact, the video I watched was tagged &#39;worst fight scene of alltime&#39;. I sat there and watched maybe the most amazingly awful fightscene ever for the best four odd minutes of my life. Never hassomething so undeniably bad been so entertaining. I, of course, optedto get the film however I could. It just so happened that a friend ofmine shared my passion, and purchased this on Amazon.<br><br>So, the film itself. It stars essentially a bunch of actorss nomainstream movie fan will know, with the exception of Cynthia Rothrockof course. John Miller, Don Niam and Don Niam&#39;s mullet fill in theremaining main character spots. It has been said before, but just soyou know Cynthia Rothrock is the best actor in this movie. This issaying something, because her acting is at times melodramatic (at best)and downright over the top at worst - see the morgue scene for anexample of that.<br><br>John Miller plays Sergeant Nick DeMarco, delivering such gems as &#39;Youhave the right to remain silent...so do me a favor and shut up!&#39; He maybe a terrible actor (this is his last movie appearance according tothis site) but he definitely helps the film on its path to greatness.<br><br>Don Niam, Don Niam, Don Niam. I actually do not know what to say. Anyof the actual non-fighting scenes he appears in are pure gold. Heessentially plays an emotionally disturbed champion fighter &#39;Stingray&#39;who loses it when his wife leaves him, then goes around killing peoplewho look like her. And removing their eyes for good measure. I actuallywon&#39;t spoil his most entertaining scenes, but be prepared for suchthings as a HILARIOUSLY badly acted flashback to his childhood, and thedisturbing underlying fact that he essentially has a hardon for his ownmother.<br><br>As a cheesy 90&#39; action movie, this film would not be complete withoutits fight sequences. The early fights are hilarious, due more so to thedialogue during them (the &#39;something for free&#39; scene springs to mind).By and large, the fights scenes are terrible bar a few. The martialarts demonstration scenes are possibly the most professional thingabout this film, and the Stingray vs. Random car park guy fightactually features camera-work and a fighting move that&#39;s suspiciouslysimilar to one of Mortal Kombat&#39;s fatalities.<br><br>The final fight, the aforementioned 4 minutes of pure, raw manliness,is also hilarious as well as entertaining. Who exactly doesn&#39;t like theidea of arbitrarily ripping your shirt off for a fight? I also love howGodfrey Ho half-assedly attempted to introduce some kind of ironicresolution in that stingray ends up getting a nail and a hook in theeye, after all those eyes he so gruesomely removed himself. Instead ofrealising this, the audience is more likely to react in some way akinto &#39;wait a minute, did he just get lifted that high of the ground by afreaking HOOK? in the EYE?&#39; OK, so the acting is bad, choreographyterrible (see the final fight again, in which the closeups look so veryfake) and the plot itself is weak. However, it is a B movie and itshows. If you look past all the bogey bits, and see the actualhilarious spectacle that is Undefeatable, you&#39;ll have friends over fora side splitting evening of sheer (if homoerotic) manliness.

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Reviewed by HaemovoreRex 7/10

The mighty Godfrey Ho (hiding behind the name Hall here) proves onceagain just why he is held in such high esteem amongst bad movie loverswith this typically entertaining flick that features Kung Fu queenCynthia Rothrock and surely one of the most memorable psychopaths evercommitted to celluloid! <br><br>Said loony (played hilariously OTT by Don Niam) is raping, torturing,mutilating and killing women who bear any resemblance to his wife whoquite understandably walked out on him due to his somewhat antisocialways. One of his victims however, turns out predictably to be thefeisty Ms Rothrock&#39;s sister thus prompting our high kicking heroine toseek revenge. Along the way she is helped by a good hearted cop (whoalso just happens to be a martial arts expert and muscle man toboot!)......In fact, oddly enough, everyone and their uncle in thisflick seems to be adept at martial arts!<br><br>Yep, joyous action is very much on the bill here with some pretty goodfight sequences including one in which our mad villain rips out somepoor guys eyeballs and knocks him over an upper story of a car park (anexcellent stunt) and of course the obligatory finale in which bothmacho male leads go toe to toe (after ripping off their shirts!) in thebasement of a hospital.<br><br>Great fun from start to finish and amazingly for Ho, this is in fact aFULL, yes I repeat a FULL film, not a cut &amp; paste effort(!!!) Truly, weare honoured Godfrey!

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