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Reviewed by nadkarnisumeet 4

Unlock review :<br/><br/>Move over Alexa and Siri.<br/><br/>Imagine if your phone starts ordering you around in a voice gruffier than Bigg Boss&#39;. Moreover, the tasks assigned can be as morbid as killing someone or disposing a corpse. Help!<br/><br/>Truly, after wasting fifty eight minutes of precious time on Zee5 app&#39;s new film called Unlock, you are likely to uninstall that app from your mobile phone. Forever.<br/><br/>The concept of &#39;Dark Web&#39; is given a ridiculous twist of a haunted smartphone application which can manipulate its user (Hina Khan) and make her do bizarre things. Besides controlling the phone, this app can also assume control over the street cars as well as the home electricity. How?? Dont ask please!!!<br/><br/>This is Hina Khan&#39;s second film after Vikram Bhatt&#39;s &#39;Hacked&#39; earlier this year and while the pretty lady pitches in a decent performance, she clearly needs to choose her scripts wisely. As for her co-actor Kushal Tandon, he reminds you of Mr. Arjun Kapoor. And that ain&#39;t a compliment!!<br/><br/>Enough said. Enough endured. Avoid &quot;unlocking&quot; this mess of a movie. Trust me, lockdown state is far better!!<br/><br/>RegardsSumeet Nadkarni

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Reviewed by sonamdolkar 10

Unlock is unique movie and Hina Khan nailed it as Suhani. What a performance. I was intrigued through the film. The movie could be little longer in length. Nonetheless&#39; it was short with good content. I was thrilled by Hina&#39;s top notch performance.

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Reviewed by gyashsharma 1

Although the content on zee5 is really good but this is just horrible. Don&#39;t waste your time on it.

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