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Reviewed by ratatouillefan 8/10

So I am not a fan of "homeboy" movies but every time I see this moviecome on I have to watch it. I laugh myself silly every time. I cannothelp it but the Wayans Brothers totally kill it with this one. It is sonot about a plausible plot but about being extremely entertaining. Witha great cast of characters. I definitely do not watch movies for hiddenmeanings, a significant message, or the artistry. I watch movies purelyfor entertainment and enjoyment and this one definitely fits thebill!For those critics who just want a meaningful just pass For thoseof you wanting pure laughs and entertainment!!! WATCH IT But why listento me. make up your own mind.

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Reviewed by Dragoneyed363 9/10

After seeing the Wayans Brothers in Scary Movie 1 and Scary Movie 2 Ihad high expectations on this film, not because they are comic geniusesor anything, but because they are one of the few toilet humor actors Ican tolerate and even find quite humorous under the right conditions.White Chicks pulled out all the stops, and remains one of my favoritemovies to watch till this day.<br><br>There was just so much hilarious material, that was quite differentfrom some of the other comedies I had recently seen. Yes, the main plotis really unbelievable, but it pays off. All the cast knew what kind offilm they were working with and slap it up whenever they can. One of myfavorite scenes is in the dressing room, and another is at arestaurant. I will leave it at that for those who have not seen it.This film left me smiling long after it was over, because it startedoff strong and carried out the whole way through. That&#x27;s all it reallyneeded to do. I must say that there was nothing wrong with this film atall, and that it was totally funny. It was kind of obvious how when thebrothers in the film dressed up to be the sisters they looked nothinglike them, but I still thought it was a great underrated comedy!

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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7/10

After an unsuccessful mission, FBI agents Kevin Copeland (Shawn Wayans)and Marcus Copeland (Marlon Wayans) fall in disgrace in the agency.They decide to swap their bad position with his superior Section ChiefElliott Gordon (Frankie Faison) working undercover in an abductioncase, disguised in the two spoiled white daughters of a tycoon,Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, getting in hilarious situations.<br><br>I like the silly and funny movies that Keenen Ivory Wayans directs. Hisformula, mixing gross, low level and racist jokes are hilarious andhighly recommended for days when you are down and trouble. My soccertime lost the game in the afternoon and I was very upset. Whilewatching &quot;White Chicks&quot;, I laughed a lot and I really liked thiscomedy, which will never be nominated to an Oscar or to Cannes. But itis delightful to shutdown the brain and feel amusement and joy withthis type of silliness to improve the humor. My vote is seven.<br><br>Title (Brazil): &quot;As Branquelas&quot; (&quot;White Chicks&quot;)

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