Yes, God, Yes


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by xstal 6

How the young are cursed by pious parents and guardians in the name of? The blonde lass sums it up 'We're all just trying to figure out own s*it'. A young lady, having been led down the garden path, discovers the vibrations that will turn her into a women, with her own choices, on her own terms. Well acted, relevant, an overflowing salad bowl of comical hypocrisy.

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Reviewed by KNHZ 9

This film was very real, very honest, and extremely well cast. One doesn&#39;t have to be a Catholic to appreciate the story though being a teen or older will certainly help. A sensitive issue was masterfully handled without being preachy or condescending.<br/><br/>The film&#39;s length was a refreshing alternative to the plethora of movies that seem to subscribe to the theory that longer is better. This was just right, just long enough to tell the story but not too long that it became repetitive.<br/><br/>To everyone involved with this film, thank you!

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Reviewed by marmar-69780 6

Yes,God,yes is a cute little film that shows coming of age story but in a little different way,film has some jokes and humor that wont work to everyone and if you are religious person you may even hate this film,cause it makes fun of such religious traditions and rules that people who live in that community must follow,the reason why this film was a fine watch was due great performance from or lead played by Natalia Dyer she stole every scene and she was also very cute and reletable,her facial expressions were also in some scenes also very cute and she made this film,Yes ,God ,Yes was a nice short film

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