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Reviewed by marydm-43470 1

Where's a minus rating when you need one?What was that? Just because it's French, just because it's Ozon, just because the young lady (no lady at all, I'm being polite) is nubile, just because the cinematography is ok doesn't make this piece of human refuse a movie.What did they give this young actress to entice her to participate in such degrading misogynistic voyeurism?No narrative structure, no psychological resonance, no explanation of any kind why all the characters move like unmotivated zombies through their sleazy existence. No nuance of any kind whatsoever.Trashy voyeuristic and exploitative. A sad sad business all round, actors, writers, director etc reaching extraordinary depths of cinematic and moral depravity.It's not the sex that's immoral, it's the total absence of credible experiential and motivational substance to give it some meaning. The pits.

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Reviewed by DmytroBaker 8

There is a confident feeling that Fran?ois Ozon has chosen a serious topic for this work, but, as is often the case in his films, a comedy of absurdity very soon comes out from under the cover of seriousness, in this case mixed with erotic fantasy.<br/><br/>The main character, Marine Vacth, a former model, is understandably selfless in bed scenes, but something more is noticeable in her game. Her glance reads either steel coldness or vulnerability. Isabelle is experienced and cynical beyond her years, but she is lost and deeply unhappy.<br/><br/>From the chosen topic, Ozon absolutely intentionally &quot;sucks&quot; the entire socio-statistical context, giving it no more significance than excess air. His heroine is not a teenager on the panel, but a beautiful girl who non-trivially explores her own sexuality and sensuality, which, in the end, are important only at the end of the path or at the end of this particular story.<br/><br/>Watch is worth it, but carefully.

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Reviewed by Aoi_kdr 10

I was so impressed with Fran?ois Ozon. I really like him! Why could he depict such a detailed and refined psychological description? Why did I feel it nicely? I was so wondering that.The Isabelle&#39;s beauty was one of the attractions of this movie. Of course, I liked her innocent appearance, and was fascinated with her subtle working.<br/><br/>17-years-old-girl is such changeable, so it was unsure. Youth is fleeting and beautiful. Every second various things get into her and go out. I felt like her feeling, but I never understand it completely because I have already passed through her age. So it was so impressive.<br/><br/>While losing her virginity, she was not a girl, neither a woman. She kept unstable in an awkward place. I coudn&#39;t resist her languorous face. The age of 17 was exact subtle unlike 18. I wondered if 18-years-old-people are recognized as the adults in France.<br/><br/>Although there were many sex scenes, I didn&#39;t feel bad at all. Or rather, they were beautiful like arts. I guessed the reason why most customers were old aged men and Western.

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