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Reviewed by gunsnsuj 10/10

What else would you call a movie that has a little bit for everyone --Yuva is an entertainer first -- of course it has a lot of firsts aswell..the structure, for example, is something that is unique...all the3 story lines start on Howrah bridge and how the director comes back tothe Howrah bridge accident to take of to one of the 3 stories ispoetic.. Songs add lustre to this painting and is very inherent to theflow. Anurag's dialogues are a huge plus -- I loved Om Puri's Bengalidialogues --"paranthu lekin" As far as the cast goes -- Ajay did reallywell as did Abhishek -- Among the ladies, I loved Esha. The Tamilversion was not as engrossing as the Hindi version was, and I thinkthat was primarily because of the cast. Mani is Mani...awesome movie.

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Reviewed by Badar Munir 7/10

I agree to kaushik dave up to some extent that it bears a resemblancewith Amores Perros but at one point only and it is that there are threedifferent stories meeting at one point but that is the end.<br><br>What impresses me more about this movie is the true depiction ofyouth&#39;s mind (sp. in Pakistan, India and other third world countries).Today&#39;s youth is matured but confused, helping but selfish forthemselves and above all sentimental yet insensitive. Like Arjun, onthe face he is loving, caring and always wants to be with family butinside wants to go to US for good career. Same is true for Lallan, veryselfish thinks only for himself and nothing else. But the true highpoint of the movie is Michael Thinking and approach towards things. Heis the one driving force for others.<br><br>As per direction, Mani Ratman&#39;s movie is always special for its visualfeat and that is also true for this movie. And above all AR RehmanMusic is true to the story.

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Reviewed by himaank 8/10

Wow! what was that!! this will come out from you once u watched thismovie.Mani Ratnam has made a movie which will be a favorite for me4evr!His control on the direction is simply superb and he has exploredthe true n real characters out of his star-cast.But my best characteris Lallan played by Abhishek(hottest star in bollywood!).Perfect tobring out the brutal and wild shades in a negative role and its onlyafter this role, he has got recognized by evry1.Kareena as the loveinterest of Arjun is looking too hot and her secret lies in herhair-style! (ok, i&#39;m getting biased but i truly like her skin!)Anotherbest part about this movie was its music.AR Rehman has done wonders ingiving trance cum more hip music specially for the young listeners.Themovie didn&#39;t do well in the box office as they just didn&#39;t publicizedit well.Sad but true.Another sad part was the role played by Vivek asArjun. From start till the end, he has got beaten up all the time!Anyhow,Yuva is one of the best Indian movies that I can proudly recommendit to any1. The linking of 3 diff parallel running stories at the endis the best part of this movie.Ratnam is agn doing a movie withAbhishek named &#39;Guru&#39; and people who have seen the promos, r going gagaabt it!

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