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Reviewed by film_local 5

A fine realistic love story got ruined by unrealistic Bollywood style presentation as well as some unwanted drama along with some plot holes. Direction was mediocre. Acting and dialogues were good. Songs were unnecessary. Soundtrack was fine. A bit of reality was missing. Zero presented some good details but also missed out on other required details.<br/><br/>The film has a good opening portraying the main character Bauua and his life along with his family as well as friends. Aafia&#39;s character was equally good and well presented. Other characters that revolved around Bauua and Aafia were good as well. The subject presented was just fine due to the plot holes. Though, the ending was unexpectedly good.<br/><br/>One plot hole was the supporting character of Babita which was unnecessarily prolonged. Just a single meet or two with Babita would have worked better and looked real. Also, use of the real name would have shown the better reality of this story. A side story of Babita was not required at all, which puts Aditya&#39;s character to complete useless.<br/><br/>Another plot hole was the timeline. With pregnancy and baby that looked about a year old would give this at least 18 months to 2 years which didn&#39;t make sense to the plot. Though it was mentioned when Bauua called his friend, Guddu, from Mumbai that Bauua was away for about a year. But all of the time spent with Babita didn&#39;t feel that long and felt out of the subject. More so, the timeline of being in the USA on Indian passport with tourist visa didn&#39;t make sense either. Especially when Bauua is going to be a part of the space mission that required months of training. Showing necessary visa requirements would have added a great detail of reality.<br/><br/>Direction was just fine, definitely fell apart on some parts of the film. The stage scene with the gun was real bad. Getting robbed on the streets of New York City was also not required because that kind of robbery in NYC never happens these days. Technically, that song and the portrayed scenes were useless, wouldn&#39;t have changed anything to the subject of the story.<br/><br/>And the most unbelievable part of the film - meteor shower - where at the age of 38, Bauua never realized the magic he has been doing all his life is not actually any magic. That was still fine, but an educated character such as Aafia with such a high profile job in that field falls for it! That just doesn&#39;t make any sense, these shots were not required at all.<br/><br/>Zero could have been much better film if the details mentioned above were well taken care of and shown realistically. A fine film to watch for the subject and some good acting which ended somewhat realistically.<br/><br/>Rating: 5/10

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Reviewed by amber-57438 1

Who thought this would make a good film? None of the people working on the film ever had this thought? I had to walk out during the second half because of how absurd it was

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Reviewed by srilucky-75653 8

Good entertaining, time pass movie... slightly different then they the usual...worth watching for sure

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